Rising Strong Counseling


Are you ready to begin rising strong?  Counseling is meant to be a journey of HOPE and one that can either be proactive or in response to the trials of life.  No one is exempt from pain.  At Rising Strong Counseling, I desire to come alongside you to set goals and facilitate change in a safe, therapeutic relationship.

Whether you are stuck in anxiety, unhealthy relationship patterns, or have a history of domestic violence or other trauma, I want you to know it is possible for you to rise strong with purpose!  Counseling can be a powerful, confidential space to pause and notice what is limiting your potential for healing and strength.  We all have stories of pain and brokenness, however, you can deepen your empathy and develop courage to live with strength and intentionality.

If you are ready to Rise Strong Contact me today!

Not currently accepting new patients. For wait list information, please email RisingStrong@CrystalHattonCounseling.com