Clinical Supervision

For individuals seeking licensure through the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) #C6821 in Oregon. I have completed the requisite 30-hour Clinical Supervision course and received state authorization to supervise pre-licensed student interns and registered associates pursuing LPC licensure.

My primary professional focus is on private practice, where I specialize in working with adult individuals and couples. With formal training and hands-on experience in therapeutic methodologies such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Restoration Therapy, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I’ve worked with individuals ranging from 6 years old to adulthood.

My background encompasses varied settings, including private practice, community-based clinics, and county mental health. I am well-prepared to provide supervision in these broad areas. If you have specific questions or require further details, please contact me directly.

I approach supervision from a developmental perspective working with the therapist in a style that matches their skill level and experience. I provide ongoing evaluation and supportive challenge to the therapist’s increasing mastery of therapeutic skills, self-awareness and ability to meet their clients in a way that is most beneficial for their sessions. The supervisory relationship will adjust to meet the needs of the supervisee as their therapeutic skills and growth advance in the relationship.

Live observation, audio or video tapes, case or process notes are all utilized in the supervisory process. I will assign homework to further the supervision process and to enhance and develop the importance of self-awareness within any therapeutic relationship.

Supervision is private but not confidential. Although the confidentiality of your clients and related documentation is confidential, evaluative feedback may be shared with the state licensing board, employers, and other parties as deemed necessary and/or appropriate by this supervisor.

Under a board approved plan, evaluation will be an ongoing part of supervision that will take place informally in every session and formally every quarter or if in school, whenever the formal evaluations are due.

I follow the ACA Code of Ethics. I will provide a copy of these codes to all supervisees along with any other code of ethics that pertain to the supervisee’s specific field of counseling. The codes of ethics will be used often in our time together and supervisees are asked to bring a supervision folder containing these items to each supervision session.

The fee for supervision is $140 per hour. There is no fee for the supervisee if the supervisee is a student intern, or if an agreement is made between employer/agency and supervisor to receive direct pay.